Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogs I have loved...

It's so long since I blogged I forgot my password.  But that's not saying much - I'm always forgetting passwords.

There are so many blogs I follow and people I feel I relate to, mostly written by creative-type women, often mothers.  I feel I have this secret community all to myself.  But I don't contribute... why is that?

I think most bloggers consider their blogs something of a journal, a note to self on what's currently going on in their life, a way of both sharing and remembering, throwing a line out to see if anyone bites.  Like me, many are Mums who do a thousand other things and perhaps also like me, sitting in quiet contemplation in the evenings, or day times, or wee hours, is a way to relax and recharge; filter the days happenings and renew oneself by seeking inspiration elsewhere.

I love this piece on Life in a Pink Fibro about growth - our selves and our lives, acknowledging the passing of time. We're not unlike our own Mums, are we?  It may look different on the surface but we all have our support groups, filled with likeminded women who share similar lifestyles and dreams, reflections and challenges.  We may not have on a frilly apron, but when we share our lives the sentiment is the same.

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