Friday, March 4, 2011


I've just bought a new book.  It happened by accident.  We were shopping for other people's birthday presents, which is of course the best time to buy an unbirthday present for oneself - inevitably finding the ideal gift for... me!

Emily Chalmers has been a favourite for some time.  An innovator of the Vintage aesthetic, Chalmers' styling, her books, her sense of vintage style are all influential and inspirational for me.  Stumbling across her latest offering has me in flutters of excitement but I can't sit down to devour it just yet - lots to do before I can steal some time so I just put it aside and look where it landed: on my Grandmother's sewing table, next to a vintage doily topped by one of my actual birthday gifts - a gorgeous and perfectly formed bowl from Bison - now how's that for modern vintage?!