Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vanishing Vintage, or "Oh what a mess, Mr Hart!"

OK, so I'm sitting on the sofa late at night, watching Real Estate TV.  I need a snack.  Get up in the ad break to raid the fridge and when I open the door it gives a shudder and stops working.  My first thought is "well that's typical, we had our first look at a Sub-Zero (as if!) last weekend and this grand old dame has literally paled in significance - she's finally carked it!"  But no, I'd just knocked out the plug whilst I was cleaning today (another story, don't ask!!).

I have to move the kids' homework desk next to it to reach the cord. I start to move things off the top of the desk so I can slide it..... 1, 2, 3, 4 things... It hits me when I'm moving my Snoopy money box: "Oh no!  I'm the lady in the home show!" (The one they're talking about behind their hands to camera because she's got SO MUCH STUFF crammed in to her house and no-one wants to buy it.)

Fridge whirrs to life and I'm moving things back thinking, "If that guy came into my house with a camera it'd be the same show (only less pink...)."

It's Time To De-Clutter.  Now.

I know I've got lots of stuff.  It's vintage, it's quirky, it's collectable.  But let's face it, I'm a hoarder.  Hey, it's my house - we're not selling, we're renovating, but it's all got to go into boxes and I'm thinking I may not want to get it all out again when our house is new and groovy.

This is like a line in the sand.  This is like weight loss.  Shed a little every week and by the time we need to move out for the build, we'll be meaner, leaner and cleaner.  But I might need some help from bloggers who have gone before me...

I've got good stuff.  You just can't see it under all the... other stuff.

ps. Does Snoopy stay or go?!

Picture from the late Pro Hart's Stainmaster Carpet TV ad