Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loft Beds

There's something about a loft bed.  These beds over at Inspirations Deco made me think of a pair that took my breath away some years ago.  It was a secret loft for Mr's nephew in a beach house built by his sister and her husband.  Bits and pieces literally fallen off the back of trucks cobbled together to make a sublime little getaway on the north eastern coast of New Zealand's North Island.  Inside, within the roof space, a little pair of beds had been created by mattresses on the floor with a mini chest of drawers in between, where the kids would bunk down at night, high above the adults enjoying their nightcap on the deck.  Reclaimed windows swung out to let in an evening sea breeze and it was easy for all to forget there were children present - just the way the kids liked it!  A chunky, handmade ladder was fixed to the wall so only game grownups would even attempt to gain access to their little haven by scrambling up into the eaves.

I have lovely memories of that Batch on the beach, just a little shack really but filled with love and holiday souvenirs of shells, second hand sofas and cordial.  All you need at the beach!

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