Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Special K Theory

I suppose I should come clean... I'm a procrastinator.  If something's worth doing, it's worth thinking about for an extra day or so to ensure you get it right, just in case you can improve on it. 

Or is it The Special K Theory we're dealing with here?

A very dear friend and housemate many years ago stumbled across The Special K Theory quite by accident when we were discussing breakfast - it transpired that Special K was my favourite breakfast cereal, but my way of thinking was that I didn't want to eat it every morning, in case I got sick of it, and then it wouldn't be my favourite any more.  Her perspective was simply, "Eat it until you get sick of it, then find a new favourite".

Simple, yes, but I realised it's just not the way I think.  The merit of my way of thinking is I can enjoy things in small doses for prolonged periods - savouring special clothes, jewellery, trinkets, then carefully folding them back into storage to be taken out and enjoyed occasionally, knowing they'll always be there to enjoy.  Once recognised, The Special K Theory can be applied to many areas of my life, my behaviours.

But why prolong joy?  Why ration yourself to the bare minimum and save things "only for best", or "for special occasions" when they can be enjoyed every day?  It's only stuff afterall.  I can find a new cereal - they bring out a new one every couple of weeks, and if not, Special K's been around for over 50 years - it'll still be there to rediscover again and again.

Is it about being satisfied with what we have, rather than always searcing for something new?  I'd so often rather reinvent something I own - be it furniture, clothing, a recipe, than go out and buy another one to clutter up my life.  Perhaps that's why I have a penchant for things that are preloved - someone else has enjoyed them {and paid full price for them} and all I have to do is reinvent them, rediscover their beauty and celebrate them once again.  If I get bored with them, they don't owe me anything...

Do I feel that buying new is the easy way out?  Anyone can do that.  I want to be different, distinct, discover something for myself.

Meanwhile, it's taken me 3 days to actually post this blog - it wasn't right the first time so I filed it away to revisit later.....

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